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Measures to give leather biker jackets new look for years Measures to give leather biker jackets new look for years

Leather biker jacket is the main gear of bikers. They buy it with great enthusiasm.... 

Tips on choosing appropriate dynamometers

In order to set up a drag car or bike for peak performance, using loads of boost... 

Special Tips to Get The Right Size Biker Leather Clothing

Get it right the first time you will surely be disappointed if your beautiful leathers... 

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Bike Commuting Saves Money

Author: Paul Golden Article Source:, where consumers get competitive... 

Kawasaki: Motorcycle History Kawasaki: Motorcycle History

Kawasaki motorcycles were introduced in 1954, and have made quite a name for themselves... 

2009 Suzuki Gsx-R1000 2009 Suzuki Gsx-R1000

After winning six AMA Superbike championships in six straight years, Suzuki’s... 

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Reputed Motorcycle Dealers in the USA

Motorcycle dealers are always on top of the market because of their product’s affordability. The reputed motorcycle dealers in the United States are discussed below regarding their origin and why they are on top. 1. Harley-Davidson Harley-Davidson, popularly known as a Harley, is an American manufacturer that is based in Milwaukee,... [Read more of this review]

Reasons to Consider a Victory Motorcycle For Your Next Purchase Reasons to Consider a Victory Motorcycle For Your Next Purchase

With the current market trend depicting a retraction in sales in the motorcycle industry, Harley-Davidson has planned a reduction in shipments for the third quarter of 2008. But when confronted with the question of “Will you be doing the same?” Mark Blackwell, VP of Victory Motorcycles and International Operations stated that they have... [Read more of this review]

Used BMW Motorcycle Parts, How to Choose Piece by Piece

The first motorcycles were in fact just simply motorized bicycles that had engines attached to bike frames. Over the years they have developed into very complicated machines. Technology was put to work to increase control, fuel economy, speed and comfort. If you have a BMW motorcycle and you own the bike for an extended period of time, you are, at some... [Read more of this review]

The Oldest Motorcycle Names Live on The Oldest Motorcycle Names Live on

Harley Davidson This classic series of motorcycles has a long and storied history with a legion of fans that includes owners, motorcycle enthusiasts, old and young alike. Distinguished by its style, unique engine sound and fan loyalty, Harley Davidson motorcycles are unlike any bikes ever produced. From modest beginnings in 1901, Harley... [Read more of this review]

A Look At Some Of The Different Motorcycle Engines

Motorcycles have been around for more than ten decades. During this time, motorcycle engines have developed through tweaking and reworking items to get the best performance. There have been more than one dozen engines, but some never met with success. Cost efficiency and customer satisfaction brought failure to a number of motorcycle engines. All motorcycle... [Read more of this review]

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