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2009 Suzuki Gsx-R1000

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After winning six AMA Superbike championships in six straight years, Suzuki’s GSX-R 1000 still continues to evolve. In order to remain the top dog, Suzuki pushed through the GSX-R’s evolution by coming up with a “clean sheet design” of its new engine. The design calls for more combustion efficiency for more torque and power and enhanced throttle response and a reduction of exhaust emissions.

To maximize combustion efficiency, the new 999cc engine came with a bigger bore and a shorter oversquare stroke. The new bore and stroke measuring 74.5 x 57.3mm (up from 73.4 x 59.0mm) corresponds to slower piston speeds at the 13,750 rpm limit. The new bores are also reshaped to increase compression ratio. Lighter titanium intake and exhaust valves on dual springs are also new revisions.

An upgraded ECU helps the double barrel fuel injection system. In each throttle body barrel are two new 12-hole injectors, banked 30 degrees down the intake port. New spark plugs with iridium electrodes produce a stronger spark ignite the highly atomized air/fuel mixture, enhancing combustion efficiency.

The GSX-R’s new exhaust system is efficient as it is light weight. Incorporating titanium into the head pipes and mufflers shaves off 400 grams of dead weight. Suzuki’s Pulsed Air System (PAIR) which introduce clean air into the exhaust ports and a stainless steel catalyzer help keep harmful emissions to a tolerable level.

Harmony between power and weight is essqential for a high-performance machine such as the chilton auto repair manual. The powerful new engine calls for a new frame. To this end, Suzuki designed a new twin-spar aluminum frame with a lighter tail section support.

Smoothing the ride is Showa’s Big Piston Forks commonly known as BPF. The BPF is famous for its innovative design which uses a larger main piston instead of a cartridge system with a smaller piston. The BPF not only handles compression and rebound damping, it saves weight as well, paring off 700 grams from the previous model.

As with other Motorcycle Repair Manual the 2009 model is equipped with an electronically controlled steering damper which supplies appropriate damping forces in varied road conditions.

The Suzuki GSX-R1000’s makeover will likely insure its continuing success. The GSX-r not only lost some weight, it gained muscle as well. As in evolution, only the fittest survives and apparently this bike is one of the fittest to date and it will likely survive the championships.

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