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Measures to give leather biker jackets new look for years

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Leather biker jacket is the main gear of bikers. They buy it with great enthusiasm. Leather biker jackets are identity of bikers. With protection these jackets also impart fashionable look to bikers, thus make their riding experience pleasurable.

As leather biker jackets do your protection similarly to take care of them is also very important. But for taking care you do not need to wait for spilling something on them or for dirt. Below are given some measures which greatly help in taking care of leather biker jackets.

When you are purchasing your leather biker jacket be sure to purchase conditioner at the same time. Regular conditioning is must for biker jackets as it keeps them soft and supple and also protect from running dry. Also conditioner brings shine to them and adds to its beauty. For different leathers different conditioners are available, purchase a conditioner that is specifically designed for your leather jacket.

As you wait for other clothes to become dirty and then wash, do not do so with leather biker jackets. Keep cleaning it from time to time whether it becomes dirty or not or whether you have worn it or not. Just clean it. Make it a routine. Leather is a fabric if not cleaned regularly will loose its show. Cleaning of leather is very easy and simple. Just put a mild detergent on a soft cotton cloth or on sponge and start cleaning.  Make a point to not to make the leather biker jacket too wet.

If anything spills over leather biker jacket do not worry. Blob up the liquid with a soft cloth or sponge and yes do not rub it. If spot is quite hard use a wet cloth or sponge, soak it in lukewarm water and a mild detergent and slowly rub. Let jacket dry completely before wearing.

Ink Stains
If your leather biker jacket gets stained with ink here is the remedy for removing it. Take a cotton cloth of sponge and dip it in rubbing alcohol or hairspray will also do but in pinch. But yes spray on the cotton cloth not directly on the jacket. And rub it over the ink stain. After rubbing dry it with a blow dryer. If stain does not go by doing it use an acetone-free nail polish remover for removing stain. Take remover in small quantity over cotton cloth and rub it over the stain. By doing it stains will go at once. After removing the stain look for any traces of alcohol or nail polish remover and if any, clean them by putting mild detergent over soft cotton cloth and rub.

Never use harsh chemicals over it
Do remember leather is a natural fabric and gets affected with harsh chemicals. Therefore never use harsh products over it. It will distort shape of your jacket as well decolorizes it.

Caring tips mentioned above should be start following since the day you bought your leather biker jacket. It will help in retaining the look of your jacket for years and make it look new.

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